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Splintered Minds

A Multi-Fandom, Video Game RPG.

The Story Thus Far

Civilian Report. 2nd Feb ----

It was just a normal day. People were laughing. Talking. It was lunch time, so the streets were busy with the usual flood of students and office workers. You know. Pretty typical. The local take out places were packed, and you could barely move on the streets.

Next minute, a car goes totally out of control. The drivers passed out, so I figured 'cause the horns blasting continuously and he was slumped over the wheel. It swerves. Takes out a whole bunch of people. While this's happening, some kid in front of me, who was hysterical only moments earlier wobbles, stares blankly for a few seconds and just....falls. Unconscious. This happens to a group of students. A cop running to the scene of the car crash.

People are startin' to fall like fucking dominos in a row and no one knows what the fucks going on. There's cries for help. Utter confusion.
They're unconscious. Not dead. No one can wake them up, no matter how much they try and this just keeps happening! The doctors can't fucking explain it. Those scientists are trying to come up with lame ass theories that make no sense. The hospitals are overflowing with these comatose people....

- Anonymous

Different planes of reality exist, each plane made up of a different world with different people, different lifestyles, different religions and very different, diverse cultures. They exist, seperate from each other, and the worlds are almost impossible to travel between.

Very few people are aware of different planes, believing only in their own world. Those who do believe in the existence of different worlds are usually ridiculed and pegged as insane for their crazy ideas. Demons, and other supernatural entities are able to travel between planes, and know what they are. The average human, however, has remained ignorant to them, and has not yet worked out how to penetrate the boundaries of their plane to travel between worlds.

Now here's where things get a little bizarre.
People on each plane of existence are falling ill with an incurable, unidentifiable disease. The infected fall into a comatose state. No one knows whats wrong with them. Nothing will wake them up.

They are dead to the world they live in, completely unaware of their surroundings and unable to return to the concious world. Their subconcious mind, however, is pulled into what others trapped in this state have dubbed "The Dreamscape".
Every person affected with the disease is pulled into this barren world, which then feeds from them, building itself from their deepest fears, their private memories..it taps into their minds.

It's almost proven that the disease and the Dreamscape are connected. People are afflicted with it, and immediatly are pulled into the world, with no way of getting out. It is affecting every plane of existence, curiously enough. There are no direct symptoms that someone has the disease. There is no particular way of catching it.

It just hits you. And when it does you will instantly collapse. Whether your body makes it to safety, or is damaged (Falling down stairs, scorched by landing on hot concrete and being left there) is based on pure luck.

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Clari: kashaera
AIM: snarkyhezza (LAST RESORT. Email = more convenient.)

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