Status Types

The Supernatural

The Supernatural are pretty much the only creatures able to travel to and from planes. Most of them have witnessed the strange events occuring in the worlds around them, and are travelling to the illusive Dreamscape for their own personal reasons.

It's true that some humans on some planes have figured out how to travel between select worlds, though it is highly unlikely that they are able to penetrate the boundaries of the Dreamscape.

Half-human beings also fall into the category of Supernatural and so may also possess the ability to move between worlds. This however, must be discussed with the moderator before approval. These "Free-Travellers" can travel to any world. It is true that they are able to visit comatose in their worlds, whom the Free Travellers have met in the Dreamscape, IF they can find them.

The Conjured (RESTRICTED)

The Conjured are just that. Memories created from the minds of the comatose and the dead souls drawn to the Dreamscape. They are different from the others because they do not really exist, being a mere illusion of the plane. Once a dead soul or a comatose soul is drawn to the Dreamscape, it will replace the Conjured. However, naturally, the replaced soul will not recall anything that the conjured did in it's time in the Dreamscape.

Conjured can appear again after a comatose or dead soul has already arrived, though this is to be approved in all circumstances before doing it with a proper reason. They can only belong to the person playing the character, so the character holding the comatose/dead character can be the only one to have a conjured.

The Dead

The Dreamscape has not only drawn in living souls, but the dead as well from their respective heaven and hell planes.

Comatose characters who die on their respective worlds will feel severed from their worlds. They will experience feelings of emptiness, as if something has been taken away from them, and become classified as the dead.

The Comatose

Self explanatory. Humans from different planes who have been afflicted with a mystery illness and have fallen into a comatose state. Their souls have entered the dream like world called the Dreamscape.
The majority of people on the Dreamscape are classified as Comatose.

When the Comatose die on the Dreamscape, they reawaken back on their home worlds. However, they still carry the illness and eventually it will overcome them and make them return to the Dreamscape?

The Story

The Planes Of Reality

Different planes of reality exist, each plane made up of alternate worlds with different lifestyles, different religions and very different, diverse cultures. They exist, seperate from each other, and the worlds are almost impossible to travel between.

Very few people are aware of these alternate worlds, believing only in their own. Those who do believe in the existence of different worlds are usually ridiculed and pegged as insane for their crazy ideas. Demons, and other supernatural entities are able to travel between planes, and are quite aware of their existance. The average human, however, has remained ignorant to them, and has not yet worked out how to penetrate the boundaries of their plane to travel between worlds.

The Dreamscape

People on each plane of existence are falling ill with an incurable, unidentifiable disease. The infected fall into a comatose state. No one knows whats wrong with them. Nothing will wake them up.

They are dead to the world they live in, completely unaware of their surroundings and unable to return to the concious world. Their subconcious mind, however, is pulled into what others trapped in this state have dubbed "The Dreamscape".
Every person affected with the disease is pulled into this barren world, which then feeds from them, building itself from their deepest fears, and their private memories. It taps into their minds and takes what it needs from it's victims.

The Disease
It's almost proven that the disease and the Dreamscape are connected. People are afflicted with it, and immediatly are pulled into the world, with no way of getting out. It is affecting every plane of existence, curiously enough. There are no direct symptoms that someone has the disease. There is no particular way of catching it.

It just hits you. And when it does you will instantly collapse. Whether your body makes it to safety, or is damaged (Falling down stairs, scorched by landing on hot concrete and being left there) is based on pure luck.

The Comatose Victims, the supernatural and the dead

The comatose have direct connections with their own worlds. They still exist. The souls of the dead are also being pulled into the dreamscape, however. Some believe that these dead are based upon the memories and dreams of particular Comatose. However, some souls have simply been drawn there from heavenly and hellish planes.

The supernatural are the only ones that can move freely between worlds. They have discovered the dreamscape as another plane and can explore it. They can also keep an eye on the other planes.

Some believe that a new world is being built, and that some force is hand picking people to create a fresh new diverse plane, where people ignorant to each others existence come together and finally learn about each other. They believe that the world is only accessible, to most, through their subconscious minds. It is unknown whether you can return to your native world or not. There have been reports of people going missing, but no one can be too sure if those people have, in fact, returned to their world.

More on the Dreamscape

Because the dreamscape bases itself on dreams, and memories of people, the world is very abstract. Similar to a dream, one moment everything may be beautiful, sunny and peaceful, the next it will turn nightmarish.

Things will not always appear as they seem. Doors may lead to nowhere. Rooms may turn upside down, so that you are walking along the "roof" instead of the floor. Flowers may become syringes and knives may turn into kittens. The dreamscape is a very strange place. Some people may even think that others, strange to them, are just a part of their dream.

Note too that the death of the subconscious mind will result in the death of your person. It is your soul that is being trapped in the Dreamscape. The death of the soul means the end of you.

People can physically touch things, and eat things in the Dreamscape. They bleed and they breath. Everything about it is very real. If your person should die in the real world however, they will feel "severed" and they will, by certain, be trapped in the Dreamscape forever.

It's also rumoured that some individuals can learn how to take control of certain elements of the dreamscape, much like some people are rumoured to be able to take control of their own dreams. However, this is extremely rare.

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2. Our RP style is AIM RP Logs and through Livejournals. A character journal is required as is an AIM name for RPing. Please try keeping contact details up to date.

3. Players have to be 15 years and older.

4. Remain active. People do have lives, but hiatus should be noted and it's preferable if players post/rp at least once every two weeks.

5. Sexually themed RP logs are to be marked with a tag stating it's NC-17-ness. This is our warning. We do not hold responsibility for anyone who's under age, member or not, who may read posts that have clearly been tagged NC-17. We've put up the warning. You, as the reader, haven't followed the rule.

6. We are a video game only RP. It's necessary that you be familiar with your fandom before applying. We will not accept movie characters from films based on games either. (e.g. Rose Da Silva from Silent Hill.)

7. For comatose and demon characters, your character should be played Post-Game. Meaning, if you want Leon Kennedy, he should be played post-RE4.
Dead characters can either be dream conjured, or drawn from Heaven/Hell's planes.

8. Under VERY special permission, doppelgangers can be allowed as NPC's.

9. For Kingdom Hearts, only the main characters (Sora, Kairi, Riku) are permitted. No disney characters.

10. Characters are permitted to 'wake up' with weapons conjured from their memories, within reason. No infinite rocket launchers.

When posting AIM logs here, fill out this so we get an idea of whats happening and if there are any warnings that we should be aware of...